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Five fascinating geological reserves in the Victorian Goldfields

Looking for some interesting new places to explore in the Victorian Goldfields? Head out and take a look at of some of the region's fascinating geological reserves! Discover the spectacular basalt ...
Posted 24/06/2022 in Places
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Ultimate free camping guide for the Victorian Goldfields

Looking for some great new camping destinations in the Victorian Goldfields? Check out this ultimate free camping guide and start planning your next weekend adventure!
Posted 15/04/2022 in Things to do
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Best free campgrounds near Daylesford

The Daylesford region hosts a huge collection of fantastic free campgrounds! Whether you're looking for a scenic spot by the river, a peaceful bushland setting, or a place close to local waterfalls, y...
Posted 12/03/2022 in Places
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Windsails in the Victorian Goldfields

One of the many obstacles faced by miners during the gold rush was the problem of poor ventilation in mine shafts. As sinking got deeper the air at the bottom of the shaft became hot and stale, making...
Posted 01/02/2022 in Gold
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Best campgrounds for hiking in the Victorian Goldfields

Spend a weekend exploring the natural and historical treasures on the Victorian Goldfields on foot, from mineral springs to mountain views and everything in between! We've gathered together this colle...
Posted 07/06/2021 in Places
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Awesome things for Regional Victorians to do out of lockdown this weekend

Looking for something to do in Regional Victoria now that lockdown has been lifted? We've got so many great things to see and do in the Victorian Goldfields! Explore waterfalls, take the kids on an a...
Posted 04/06/2021 in Things to do
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Glossary of mining terms from the Victorian Gold Rush

Historical resources such as old newspapers and goldfields maps are extremely valuable when researching gold rush history or searching for potential new gold prospecting locations. A quick look throug...
Posted 04/06/2021 in Gold
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Queen's Birthday Weekend getaway inspiration for the Victorian Goldfields

Looking for some fresh inspiration for your Queen's Birthday weekend getaway? We've got you covered! Whether you're looking for waterfalls to explore, wild landscapes to discover, breathtaking views o...
Posted 29/05/2021 in Things to do
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Early accounts of the Clunes diggings

The Clunes Diggings struck fame as the first marketable gold field in Victoria, beginning in July 1851. The operations at the Clunes Diggings were more accurately described as 'mining' than 'diggings'...
Posted 15/05/2021 in Gold
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Waterfalls near Ballarat

Looking for waterfalls to explore near Ballarat? There are nine gorgeous waterfalls within an hours drive of town, and three of them are located just down the road in the beautiful hamlet of Lal Lal. ...
Posted 11/05/2021 in Things to do
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Early accounts of the Bendigo Diggings

The Bendigo Diggings began in 1851, born out of the famed Mount Alexander diggings - though at an unfortunate time of year when water was scarce and the ground dry and hard. Despite this early difficu...
Posted 08/05/2021 in Gold
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Early accounts of the Maryborough Diggings

First known as Simson's Diggings, Maryborough's gold rush began in the winter of 1854. The area quickly gained its reputation as a rich and profitable field, with reports of magnificent gold nuggets b...
Posted 06/05/2021 in Gold
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Early accounts of the Forest Creek diggings

The following accounts were published in newspapers during the first few months of the rush to Forest Creek, and give us an interesting insight into the early development of the Forest Creek Diggings.
Posted 06/05/2021 in Gold
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20 abandoned mines to explore in the Victorian Goldfields

The Victorian Goldfields is filled with fascinating ruins and relics, with abandoned mines, diggings, boilers, machinery foundations and gold puddlers scattered in abundance throughout the region. We'...
Posted 04/05/2021 in Miscellaneous
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State Gold Batteries in the Victorian Goldfields

From the late 19th century, assistance was provided to gold miners by the Victorian Government through the installation and operation of small gold batteries. These were known as State or Government B...
Posted 04/05/2021 in Gold
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Things to do in Lal Lal

Lal Lal is a beautiful little hamlet which hosts three gorgeous waterfalls, a charming historical railway station, and scenic forests filled with fascinating remnants of the area's rich mining history...
Posted 04/05/2021 in Things to do
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20 remarkable places in the Victorian Goldfields

Over the last four years I have visited over 550 places across the Victorian Goldfields, taking photos and sharing them on the Goldfields Guide website for others to explore. My favourite spot changes...
Posted 26/04/2021 in Places
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Local gold prospecting guides for the Victorian Goldfields

Are you looking to try your luck gold detecting, panning or sluicing in the Victorian Goldfields? People have been prospecting for gold in the Victorian Goldfields since the 19th century gold rush saw...
Posted 26/04/2021 in Gold
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Best picnic spots in the Central Goldfields

Take a look through the following list to discover some of the best picnic spots throughout the Central Goldfields Shire. With so many fantastic picnic areas across the region, you're sure to discover...
Posted 06/03/2021 in Places
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Maryborough visitors guide

Situated in the heart of the Victorian Goldfields, Maryborough is filled with grand 19th century architecture and surrounded by box-ironbark forests, gold mining history and a variety of beautiful his...
Posted 02/03/2021 in Things to do
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