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Beautiful buildings of the Goldfields

Posted 10/04/2018 in Places

Grand 19th century architecture is a stunning feature of many towns throughout the Victorian Goldfields. Such gorgeous buildings are immediately admired upon arrival in the Goldfields, as are the countless stone ruins of 1800's homesteads and houses speckled through the countryside between the towns.

Some particularly charming buildings have endured amazingly well over the years and are still hidden away throughout the Goldfields, quiet testaments to the region's thriving history.

Take a look through the following list of beautiful surviving buildings in the Victorian Goldfields.

1. Bell's Cottage, Llanelly VIC

This beautiful stone cottage lies on the outskirts of Tarnagulla, a gorgeous little town within the Loddon Shire. Built in 1937 by WW1 veteran Herbert Bell before he served in WW2, the cottage is an impressive indication of Bell's determination and hard work. Read more...

2. Morton's Welcome Inn, Waanyarra VIC

Morton's Welcome Inn was built by convict Micheal Morton in 1850 as a replica of his home in Ireland. The building was a home for Morton's family of eight, a provisions store and also a public bar for miners (licenced 1866-83). The impressive stone building is still standing in the bush not far from Dunolly and is definitely a must-see. Read more...

3. Daly's Cottage, Percydale VIC

Daly's Cottage was built in 1865 by James Daly, who originated from Kilfinane on the Shannon River in Ireland. The walls are constructed from fiddle back red gum found at the site. Handmade bricks were used on the pantry floor. You can get a decent view of the cottage from the side of the road - entry to the property is not permitted. This cottage is part of the Percydale Goldfields Heritage Tour. Read more...

4. Clunes Cemetery, Clunes VIC

The Clunes Cemetery was established in 1861, is very well presented, and features this gorgeous building at its centre. This cemetery is also the site of a shocking and gruesome 1920's suicide. Read more...

5. Carisbrook Log Gaol, Carisbrook VIC

This fascinating building was the major gaol in the extensive Carisbrook Police District until 1858, and it remained Carisbrook's gaol for low key offenders until about 1900. Several notorious bushrangers were imprisoned at "The Logs", these included Morgan the Murderer and Captain Melville, reportedly. Read more...

6. School of Mines, Clunes VIC

The Clunes School of Mines was established as a campus of the Ballarat School of Mines in 1890. The Gothic gabled building was constructed in 1892. The beautifully restored School of Mines building still contains original paintwork and wall stencils that were revealed through the removal of a wall added in the 1950s, which are now on display. Furnaces where students learnt how to melt gold remain in the back room. A red brick fireplace is still in the front room, which was used for mining lectures.  It is one of probably only two small school of mines left in the state. Read more...

7. Clydesdale State School, Clydesdale VIC

This gorgeous sandstone building was used as a school from 1867 until 1941, and is now restored and used as a public hall. An undercover information display tells of the school's history and features lots of interesting photographs and articles. Read more...

What's your favorite historic building in the Victorian Goldfields? Let us know in the comments below.




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