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Hidden history around Maryborough, Victoria

Posted 30/12/2019 in History
Maryborough is filled with significant remnants of a bygone era. Grand gold rush architecture is a striking feature of the town, and long-forgotten relics are scattered through the region. This list takes a look at some of the many fascinating historical sites hidden in and around Maryborough, Victoria.

1. Bristol Hill Pioneer Cemetery, Maryborough VIC

The iconic Bristol Hill Tower on the edge of town is a well-known and highly visible local feature. Did you know that the remnants of a 19th century cemetery lie on the hillside beneath the tower? The Bristol Hill Pioneer Cemetery was established in 1854 and while it was only in use for five years, it is believed that over four hundred burials took place here - although only a handful are named on the modern monument. Read more...

2. Brogan's Mud Brick Fence, Amherst VIC

The remains of Brogan's mud brick fence near Paddys Ranges

This mud brick fence used to surround the two-room mud brick home of Jim and Harriet Brogan, who raised their family here. The home was last occupied by Mr C. Toll of Talbot in the early 1940s, and the ruined fence is all that remains today. Read more...

3. Miner's Hut Ruins and Gold Diggings, Craigie VIC

Stone fireplace surrounded by rubble and gold diggings

This old stone fireplace stands within the Craigie State Forest just outside Maryborough. There are several mine shafts up behind the ruins and the whole area is filled with diggings. Read more...

4. Bull Gully Aboriginal Rock Wells, Daisy Hill VIC

Rock wells, constructed by Aboriginal people prior to European settlement.

A set of four Aboriginal rock water wells can be found in the bush just outside Maryborough. These wells are generally thought to be the best example of Aboriginal rock wells in Victoria. Four holes have been excavated into the base of a large rock in a position which makes them a natural catchment for rainwater falling on the rock above. Read more...

5. Schicer Gully Dam Eucalyptus Distillery Site, Maryborough VIC

Site of a 20th century eucalyptus distillery

This flattened 20th century eucalyptus distillery site lies within the Craigie State Forest between Cemetery Track and Mosquito Road. The Schicer Gully Dam Eucalyptus Distillery is an example of an old mining dam being re-used for a different industry. Scattered rubble, metal fragments and pipes, and the remains of two vats can be found between Cemetery Track and the dam. Read more...

6. Alma Lead Cyanide Works, Bowenvale VIC

An interesting 'above ground' tree at the Alma Lead Cyanide Works historical site

The Gladstone Bushland Reserve lies alongside Gladstone Road, Bowenvale and is home to the historic Alma Lead Cyanide Works. This interesting mine site includes multiple dams, closed remains of shafts, tanks and enormous mullock heaps. Read more...

7. Site of an 1895 Murder/Suicide, Timor VIC

This information sign indicates the site of the murder/suicide

A small information sign stands alongside the M63 Track in the bush outside Timor indicating the site of the 1895 murder of Ellen Randell, tragic victim of a murder/suicide committed by her fiance, Robert Bowring. A pile of stones was placed over the pool of blood where Ellen Randell had died, forming a grim cairn which remarkably still remains over a century later. Read more...

8. Tunnel Hill Mine, Talbot VIC

Looking in through the gate at the Tunnel Hill Mine

This mine tunnel is tucked away in the bush just outside Talbot. Supposedly driven in 1861, the Tunnel Hill mine has been briefly reworked in the 20th century and remains in excellent condition today. Read more...

9. Nineteenth Century Chinese Baths, Amherst VIC

Two Chinese baths are carved into the rock just outside Amherst

These fascinating baths were carved into the ground by Chinese miners during the 19th century and are still clearly visible today. This is believed to be the site of the original Chinese joss and bath house. One of the baths is well finished with smooth, hard edges, and the other is a much more basic excavation in the ground. Read more...

10. Talisman Mine, Carisbrook VIC

Looking in on the site of the Talisman Mine

The Talisman Mine site is located in the bush between Maryborough and Carisbrook and features the remains of machinery foundations, multiple shafts which are now filled in, an adit which has almost completely caved in, and multiple large mullock heaps. There have been several reports regarding the Talisman Mine in newspapers over the years which offer interesting insights into the mine's timeline and operations. Read more...





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