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Six amazing adventures in the Victorian Goldfields

Posted 31/05/2020 in Places
Looking for your next adventure? There are some seriously unbelievable places tucked away throughout the Victorian Goldfields! Some of these are tough to get to, some are a little dangerous, but all of them are absolutely worth it. 

Check out this list to start planning your next day out.

Granite Falls, Lal Lal VIC

View from the base of Granite Falls

Granite Falls is Ballarat's best kept secret, tucked away quietly between two better-known waterfalls and quite difficult to get to. Located twenty minutes out of Ballarat, if you're up for a slippery, prickly, scrambling adventure then this may be the spot for you. With a view like this at the end, I'd say it's well worth the effort. Oh, and did I mention that the rocky riverbed beneath the falls sparkles under the water? Look closely and you'll find the pyrite deposits glittering on the rocks. Click for more information...

Mount Korong, Glenalbyn VIC

Beautiful scenery at Mount Korong

Wander through Mount Korong's stunning landscape and explore the unique shapes and caverns of these gigantic hillside boulders. A short climb up any hillside is rewarded with incredible views down over the rocky landscape, which is particularly attractive when the grass is green during winter/spring. This spot is located between Inglewood and Wedderburn, and is sure to impress. Click for more information... 

Blue Waters, Creswick VIC

Looking down over Blue Waters from atop a cliff

Tucked away on the outskirts of Creswick lies this gorgeous waterhole surrounded by striking red cliffs. Park the car off Melbourne Road and take the scenic walk clockwise around the lake to reach the waters edge down the bottom. Watch out for steep sections and slippery tracks along the way! Click for more information...

Mount Alexander, Harcourt North VIC

View from Lang's Lookout, Mount Alexander

Embark on an adventure across the stunning rocky outcrops of the Mount Alexander Regional Park! Experience breathtaking views and gorgeous scenery as you trek among the enormous granite boulders and across forested slopes, visiting multiple lookouts along the way. Click for more information...

Melville Caves, Brenanah VIC

Looking out from atop Melville Caves

Explore the enormous hillside boulders within the Kooyoora State Park, and discover the caves beneath the rock which were reputedly used as a hideout by notorious 19th century bushranger, Captain Melville! The walk to the caves is short but rewarding, with stunning views and lots to explore. Click for more information...

Loddon Falls, Glenlyon VIC

Loddon Falls plummets down into a basalt gorge

What a view! Loddon Falls is one of the Victorian Goldfields' best hidden gems, where the Loddon River drops dramatically into a waterhole before continuing on through a gorge of spectacular basalt columns. You've got to see this place to believe it! Make your way carefully down into the rocky gorge to explore the river and view the falls from the bottom. Please keep in mind that there are no safety rails or signs along the cliff edge - that is a very big drop, be careful. Click for more information... 

What's your favourite adventure in the Victorian Goldfields? Let us know in the comments below! 




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