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Gillies Street Playground

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Corner of Gillies Street and Fraser Street, Maryborough VIC 3465

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  • Great little playground for toddlers
  • Park bench under a tree
Located along Gillies Street in Maryborough, this little playground is great for toddlers, as the equipment is small and simple. Small children must be closely supervised as this playground is not fenced and is set alongside a road. 

The playground

The main play structure features a short double slide, a low platform, and a climbing spiral which only goes as high as the platform - perfect for little feet to navigate.

There is also a swing set and two springers.

Visitor facilities at the Gillies Street Playground

The only facility provided at the Gillies Street Playground is a bench seat. The single bench seat is set beneath the shade of a tree beside the playground.

There are no other facilities at the playground. There is a fantastic picnic area at the Station Domain Playground which is located nearby. 

How to get to the Gillies Street Playground

Follow Gillies Street until you come to the intersection of Fraser Street. The playground is set in a grassy area alongside the road. 

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