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Roscholler Park

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Bordered by Kennedy Street, Taylor Street, Primrose Street and Spring Street

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  • Playground
  • Picnic tables
  • Basketball hoop
  • Netball Hoop
  • Football goals
  • Walking track
  • Bushland
Roscholler Park takes up an entire block and features a playground, picnic tables, basketball and netball hoops, football goals, walking track through a small patch of bushland, and is alongside the Maryborough Community House (which features a public, free book exchange) and the Simson Brothers Memorial Lookout.

The playground has a slide, fireman pole and monkey bars.

The two ball hoops don't have full courts but each have their own patch of concrete. There are also football goal posts on the other side of the park, along with another picnic table.

There are several picnic tables and park benches surrounded by garden beds near the Community House.

A gravel walking track travels up the hill behind the playground and forms a cross shaped intersection at the top of the hill in a small patch of bushland. The track heads off in four directions - towards the centre of town, down to a grassy corner with football goals, across to the Simson Brothers Memorial Lookout on Kennedy Street, and back to the playground and Community House.

The area is filled with eucalyptus and pine trees. It is a great place for collecting pine cones with little kids.


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