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Wilsons Hill Cyanide Works

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Wimmera Highway, Wilsons Hill VIC 3515

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  • Historic mine site
  • Cyanide vats
  • Mining dam
  • Water race
  • Part of the Wilsons Hill Nature Conservation Reserve
The Wilsons Hill Cyanide Works is a historic 1930s gold processing site at the south-western end of the Wilsons Hill Nature Conservation Reserve

A mound of earth contains the well-preserved remains of four cement cyanide vats, with a dam and an impressive water race (the Wilson's Hill Channel) located alongside them.

The cyanide vats are found in the lower part of the reserve, and easily accessed from the Wimmera Highway. See map for exact location. 

The circular vats are visible from above using Google Maps satellite view:

Please note that this is a conservation reserve, and the following restrictions must be observed by all visitors (text displayed on a sign at the Wilsons Hill Nature Conservation Reserve):

Nature Conservation Reserve

This reserve has been set aside to protect our natural heritage .

To help protect this reserve, do not:
  • Litter or dump rubbish
  • Light fires
  • Remove firewood
  • Remove soil or rock
  • Use vehicles off road
  • Use firearms
Remember that all native plants and animals are protected. Please do not disturb.



  • Bushwalking is an excellent way to get outdoors and exploring nature.


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