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Wilsons Hill Nature Conservation Reserve

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Wimmera Highway, Wilsons Hill VIC 3515

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  • Historic mining area
  • Cyanide works
  • Water race
  • Mining dams
  • Surface mining
  • Scattered rubble
  • Scattered metal
The Wilsons Hill Nature Conservation Reserve is a fascinating patch of bushland filled with remnants of its busy mining history. 

Mine shafts (filled in) and scattered rubble can be found in the top end of the reserve, surfaced areas in the centre, and the Wilsons Hill Channel divides the area leaving an impressive cyaniding site at the bottom end.

The reserve is located between the Wimmera Highway and Wilsons Hill Road, and makes an interesting and educational bushwalking spot. 

It is definitely worth stopping by, even if just to check out the fascinating remains of the cyanide vats.

Caring for the resere

Please note that this is a conservation reserve, and the following restrictions must be observed by all visitors (text displayed on a sign at the Wilsons Hill Nature Conservation Reserve):

Nature Conservation Reserve

This reserve has been set aside to protect our natural heritage .

To help protect this reserve, do not:
  • Litter or dump rubbish
  • Light fires
  • Remove firewood
  • Remove soil or rock
  • Use vehicles off road
  • Use firearms
Remember that all native plants and animals are protected. Please do not disturb.



  • Bushwalking is an excellent way to get outdoors and exploring nature.


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