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Dunolly's First Plane Landing Site

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Corner of Raglan Street and Hospital Street, Dunolly VIC 3472

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  • Significant site
  • Information sign
  • Roadside stop
An information sign stands at the edge of a field on the outskirts of Dunolly, marking the site of the first plane landing in Dunolly. In July 1920, Leslie Clarke landed Charles Pratt's Airco DH6 at this site before flying to the Dunolly Racecourse to give joy flights for three days.

The sign includes a photograph of the plane, supplied by the Dunolly Museum, along with the following text:

In this paddock on 14th July 1920 Leslie Clarke landed Charles Pratt's Airco DH6, the first plane to land in Dunolly. The flight was a promotional tour for Geelong as a place of business. After landing here the plane was flown to the Dunolly Racecourse giving joy flights for 3 days. A months later this plane was destroyed in a storm.

[Image on sign: Airco DH6 No 1972 at Dunolly Racecourse 14-16th July 1920. Photo courtesy Dunolly Museum]

More information and history from the Dunolly Museum

The Dunolly Museum website has a fantastic and very detailed page of information, images, maps and newspaper articles relating to the first plane landing at Dunolly. 

This page is definitely worth a read, as well as the many other interesting stories and historical information provided on the Dunolly Museum website. 


The brilliant Dunolly Museum houses a huge collection of relics, gold nugget casts, firearms, photographs, local history records and more.



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