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Bealiba Railway Station

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Grant Street, Bealiba VIC 3475

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  • Historical railway station
  • Beautiful gardens
  • Information signs and displays
  • Seating
The beautifully restored Bealiba Railway Station is a must-see nestled away in the quiet town of Bealiba.

This railway station has been well maintained and is a delightful treasure of the town. There are interesting information displays at the station. Be sure to sign the visitors book after you take a look around.

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Bealiba received it's railway, and civilized land transport, when the line was extended to St Arnaud, from Dunolly, in late 1878. A wooden station of a standard design was erected here, not only were offices included in the building, but also a residence for the station master. Similar,  and now demolished examples, were in the region at Cope Cope, and Charlton. Unattended already in the mid 1980s, many rumours abounded that Bealiba was also going to suffer the same treatment.

Thankfully the Bealiba Railway Station did not suffer demolition and has become a proud feature of Bealiba.

Bealiba, despite its small size, has several attractions to check out including the scenic Mount Bealiba, the Bealiba Reservoir (free camping permitted), and the Orme Snowden Reserve (an excellent fenced playground and barbecue area).




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