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Jokes about gold, prospecting and mining

%links_ad% Having a good sense of humour is a handy asset for those interested in...
Posted 23/04/2019 in Gold
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The dark side of the Victorian Goldfields

Young man holding smoking shotgun at the throat of his uncle, who lay in his bed beside his wife. Richar...
Posted 22/04/2019 in History
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10 things you've got to experience in the Victorian Goldfields

Take a underground tour by candlelight at Carman's Tunnel, an authentic 19th century gold mine in Maldon VIC. ...
Posted 22/04/2019 in Things to do
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Easter Monday celebrations in 19th century Victoria

The Yarra on Easter Monday, Frederick Grosse, engraver, 1867. Source: State Library Victoria. ...
Posted 19/04/2019 in History
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Victoria's Easter Grinch, 1865

Easter in Victoria, Melbourne, Davide Syme and Co. 1889. Source: State Library Victoria. %links_ad% ...
Posted 19/04/2019 in History
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Fool's Gold

Quartz and pyrite crystals, "fool's gold". %links_ad% ...
Posted 01/04/2019 in Gold
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April Fools Hoax in Creswick, 1873

%links_ad% Creswick was alive with mischief on April Fools Day in 1873, when some prankster played a...
Posted 31/03/2019 in History
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The Maryborough Ghost

A ghost from The Illustrated Police News, similar to the "Maryborough Ghost" as described in 1871. ...
Posted 29/03/2019 in History
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Gold-bearing creeks and rivers in Victoria

Reedy Creek, Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park ...
Posted 21/03/2019 in Places
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Heritage train rides in Victoria

Heritage train rides in victoria Enjoy a journey on a heritage train and travel between historic gold rush villages, across stunning gullies and gorges, through bea...
Posted 12/03/2019 in Things to do
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10 fascinating things about Maldon, Victoria

Maldon, Australia's first notable town. Image source: Explore Australia %l...
Posted 11/03/2019 in Places
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Licence evasion, treachery and triumph on the Mt Alexander Diggings, 1852

%links_ad% 'The License Inspected', by ST Gill. State Library of Victoria There are m...
Posted 10/03/2019 in History
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Educational Locations in the Victorian Goldfields

%links_ad% There is so much opportunity for learning while exploring the Victorian Goldfields. This list compiles some of the region's best educational treasures, ranging from...
Posted 07/03/2019 in Places
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Top swimming spots in the Victorian Goldfields

%links_ad% There are heaps of great swimming spots throughout the Victorian Goldfields! We have plenty of creeks, rivers and reservoirs which are great for swimming, fishing, ...
Posted 08/01/2019 in Things to do
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Fire in Sandhurst (Bendigo) Christmas Day, 1857

%links_ad% Sandhurst (Bendigo) Victoria, 1857. Published by Sands & Kenny, Melbourne & Sydney, 1857. Plate from Victoria illustrated / S.T. Gill. Image source: State L...
Posted 24/12/2018 in History
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The Golden Christmas Cake, 1872

%links_ad% The golden Christmas cake, 1872. Image source: State Library Victoria Imagin...
Posted 21/12/2018 in History
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Wallaby Mine Gold Battery

%links_ad% ...
Posted 13/12/2018 in Places
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