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An 1850s Christmas wedding with a tragic end

A grievous tale told by Ellen Clacy in her book A Lady's Visit to the Gold Diggings of Australia in 1852-53 describes the tragic demise of a woman who, set to marry her love ...
Posted 02/12/2018 in History
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Christmas on the goldfields

%links_ad% Christmas pudding in the bush, 1856. Image source: State Library Victoria ...
Posted 24/11/2018 in History
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Gift ideas for gold prospectors

%links_ad% Are you searching for the perfect gift for the gold prospector in your life? The following list offers a huge variety of gift ideas for ...
Posted 16/11/2018 in Gold
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Victoria's Underground Mine Tours

%links_ad% Guided underground mine tours offer a unique, unforgettable experience where you can immerse yourself in Victoria's mining history in an excit...
Posted 02/10/2018 in Things to do
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Ghost Tours and Paranormal Investigations

Aradale Lunatic Asylum, Ararat VIC. Image source: Eerie Tours ...
Posted 01/10/2018 in Things to do
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Things to do with the family in the Victorian Goldfields

Looking for something new and exciting to do with the family? Take a look through this ultimate list of family-friendly things to do in the Victorian Goldfields! Featuring a wide range of local activi...
Posted 01/10/2018 in Things to do
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Boy Bushranger of Clunes, Victoria

%links_ad% ...
Posted 30/09/2018 in People
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Dangers of mine shafts in the Victorian Goldfields

%links_ad% Unexpected open mine shafts are a ...
Posted 29/08/2018 in Gold
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Gold Shops, Detector Hire, and Gold Tours in the Victorian Goldfields

%links_ad% Gold prospecting shops ...
Posted 23/08/2018 in Gold
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A virtual tour of the Victorian Goldfields

%links_ad% Interested in the historical treasures of the Victorian Goldfields? Check out these panoramic virtual views of various significant sites throughout the goldfields! Simply follow the 'vie...
Posted 22/08/2018 in Places
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Goldfields Guide's Top 10

%links_ad% Goldfields Guide is the most comprehensive online resource for both locals and tourists looking to explore the Victorian Goldfields. Featuring over 300 (and countin...
Posted 21/08/2018 in Things to do
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YouTube Channels from the Victorian Goldfields

Image source: Vo-Gus Prospecting, YouTube, Facebook and Instag...
Posted 19/08/2018 in Gold
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The Murders at Mia Mia Flat

Mia Mia Flat, near Talbot VIC Mia Mia Flat, a historic goldfield between Talbot and Lillicur, harbours a dark and terrible history. At least two murd...
Posted 26/05/2018 in History
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Children of the Victorian Gold Rush

%links_ad% Life for children on the goldfields during the 1850's gold rush was rife with danger and illness - the Pennyweight Flat Children's Cemetery in Castlemaine is a heartbreakin...
Posted 26/04/2018 in People
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Children of the Goldfields

%links_ad% Our boys gold panning at Dead Do...
Posted 18/04/2018 in People
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Spectacular lookouts of the Goldfields

%links_ad% There are many excellent lookouts throughout the Victorian Goldfields which offer spectacular views of the surrounding forests, farmlands, lakes and...
Posted 13/04/2018 in Things to do
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Best campgrounds in the Victorian Goldfields

%links_ad%With many fantastic campgrounds located close to historical sites, natural tre...
Posted 10/04/2018 in Places
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Fascinating cemeteries of the Victorian Goldfields

%links_ad% Along with the 19th century gold rush came the inevitable establishment of many cemeteries throughout the Victorian Goldfields. A wander through a historic cemetery within the goldfiel...
Posted 10/04/2018 in Places
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Abandoned mines of the Victorian Goldfields

%links_ad% Tunnel Hill Min...
Posted 10/04/2018 in Gold
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