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Paddy the Prospector heads into town

%links_ad% Paddy the Prospector lives out the bush ...
Posted 14/03/2020 in Miscellaneous
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Underground mine cave-in, image kindly provided by The Victorian Historical Mine Shaft Chasers Inc ...
Posted 22/01/2020 in History
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Hidden history around Maryborough, Victoria

%links_ad% Maryborough is filled with significant remnants of a bygone era. Grand gold rush architecture is a striki...
Posted 30/12/2019 in History
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21 amazing day trips from Victoria's Central Goldfields

Grand Canyon, Grampians National Park VIC %links_ad% Do you live in Victoria's Centr...
Posted 28/11/2019 in Adventure
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Surfacing in the Victorian Goldfields

Does this barren red landscape look familiar?...
Posted 17/08/2019 in Gold
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$100 treasure hunt, Maryborough VIC

%links_ad% ...
Posted 02/08/2019 in Things to do
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Spectacular rocky outcrops of the Victorian Goldfields

Dog Rocks, Harcourt North VIC %links_ad% Rocky peaks, ...
Posted 03/06/2019 in Places
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Best bushwalks in the Victorian Goldfields

Dog Rocks, Mt Alexander Regional Park, Harcourt North VIC ...
Posted 27/05/2019 in Things to do
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Lone Graves of the Goldfields

%links_ad% Lone graves are a fascinating feature of the Victorian Goldfields, ...
Posted 25/05/2019 in History
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15 top spots for family barbecues in the Victorian Goldfields

Lions Club Park, Avoca VIC %links_ad% Picnics and playgrounds are a great ...
Posted 19/05/2019 in Things to do
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20 amazing places for kids to explore in the Victorian Goldfields

Black Hill Reserve, Ballarat VIC %links_ad% ...
Posted 18/05/2019 in Things to do
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Tiddles the duck and his Goldfields adventures

Tiddles checking out the Porcupine Flat Gold Dredge ...
Posted 28/04/2019 in Adventure
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Diaries and memoirs from the Victorian gold rush

%links_ad% Diaries and memoirs are an extremely valuable source of information about life in Victoria during the 19th century gold rush. These first hand accounts, written by people l...
Posted 26/04/2019 in History
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The moral state of the diggings during the Victorian gold rush

Diggers. Image source: Notes of a go...
Posted 25/04/2019 in History
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The wizard miners of the 16th century, De Re Metallica

Divining for veins. De Re Metallica Book II, Georgius Agricola, 1556. ...
Posted 25/04/2019 in History
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Jokes about gold, prospecting and mining

%links_ad% Having a good sense of humour is a handy asset for those interested in...
Posted 23/04/2019 in Gold
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