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Connect with others and learn how to find gold in Victoria

Looking to learn more about gold prospecting and how to find gold in Victoria? One of the best things you can do is connect with other gold prospectors, whether it's online or in person, and share gol...
Posted 21/12/2020 in Gold
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Ultimate school holiday guide for the Victorian Goldfields

The school holidays are upon us again! We've collected so many great places for swimming, camping, fishing, day trips, scenic drives, family barbecues, self guided tours, gold prospecting, and more, s...
Posted 17/12/2020 in Things to do
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Campgrounds where you can swim in the Victorian Goldfields

One of the best ways to spend a weekend during summer is to pack your bags and head out on a lake or riverside camping trip! We've got some great campgrounds where you can swim throughout the Victoria...
Posted 12/12/2020 in Places
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Online directory of Victorian gold maps

Take a look through the following sections to find gold maps for prospecting in Victoria, including historical maps, state/national park maps, interactive online maps, and gold map books you can buy o...
Posted 11/12/2020 in Gold
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Beautiful ruins of the Victorian Goldfields

There are some gorgeous ruins scattered throughout the bushland of the Victorian Goldfields, they are always fascinating to stumble upon. Throughout the region you will find a huge amount of these sit...
Posted 09/12/2020 in Places
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Beautiful Basalt of the Victorian Goldfields

Basalt is a volcanic rock which can fracture as it cools, forming spectacular hexagonal columns! There are some amazing places across the Victorian Goldfields which feature these stunning columns of r...
Posted 08/12/2020 in Places
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Spectacular landscapes in the Victorian Goldfields

There are some seriously unique landscapes tucked away in the Victorian Goldfields, ranging from wild rocky slopes to surreal colourful cliffs. We've gathered some of the best in the region, where the...
Posted 08/12/2020 in Places
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Best fishing spots in the Victorian Goldfields

There are plenty of fantastic fishing spots throughout the Victorian Goldfields! We've gathered together a few of the best in the region to help inspire your next fishing adventure.
Posted 07/12/2020 in Miscellaneous
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How to read historical gold maps

If you're just starting out prospecting and/or seeing some of the terms used on the maps for the first time (such as "reef, lead, alluvial workings" etc), the maps can get a little confusing. We've pu...
Posted 07/12/2020 in Gold
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8 striking natural features in the Victorian Goldfields

While travelling across the Victorian Goldfields, sometimes you'll come across things that are truly remarkable. We've found all kinds of things left out in the bush by people, ranging from mostly-bur...
Posted 07/12/2020 in Places
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Melbourne to the Goldfields, a gold prospecting guide!

Thinking of heading out from Melbourne to try your luck searching for gold in the Victorian Goldfields? We've got all the information you need to get started!
Posted 06/12/2020 in Gold
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The Weekend Prospector with Andrew Bales

The new season of The Weekend Prospector has premiered, and judging by the first episode it's definitely shaping up to be one of the best modern educational resources to help prospectors find more gol...
Posted 13/09/2020 in Gold
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Go for a drive in the Victorian Goldfields!

Looking for something to do on a hot summer day? Why not go for an air-conditioned drive in the Victorian Goldfields? Pack some snacks and a cold drink for the road, because we've got a huge collectio...
Posted 16/08/2020 in Things to do
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Outdoor recreation in Mount Alexander Shire

From 11:59 pm on Wednesday 5 August 2020, Regional Victorians are allowed to engage in outdoor sport and exercise, using locations and facilities as close to home as possible. If you are located withi...
Posted 14/08/2020 in Things to do
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Ten fascinating self-guided tours in the Victorian Goldfields

Self-guided tours are a fantastic way to explore the history and features of Victoria's significant Goldfields region! Explore the discovery site of the world-famous Welcome Stranger, the world's larg...
Posted 06/07/2020 in Things to do
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Places to find gold in Victoria's Golden Triangle

If you are looking for places in Victoria's Golden Triangle to find gold, this list provides some popular areas to get you started where gold detecting, panning or sluicing is permitted and gold is st...
Posted 23/06/2020 in Gold
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Historical Gold Maps of the New South Wales Goldfields

This list of maps links to historical maps for various towns and regions throughout the New South Wales goldfields. These maps have been selected because they display useful information regarding the ...
Posted 22/06/2020 in Gold
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Remnants of old mines and diggings out in the bush

This page provides examples and images of these historical features as they appear across the Victorian Goldfields, which I hope will help others to recognise them along their own travels through the ...
Posted 05/06/2020 in Gold
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