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Elmhurst and District General Cemetery

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Pyrenees Highway, Elmhurst VIC 3469

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  • Historic Cemetery
The Elmhurst and District General Cemetery is a quiet cemetery, established in 1870 - late compared to many other cemeteries in the region which were established in the early/mid 1850's along with the gold rush. 

Set alongside the Pyrenees Highway in Elmhurst, this picturesque little cemetery stands surrounded by trees and has scenic views over the nearby mountains. 

This is an interesting place to stop by while exploring the natural and historical sites throughout the region. Nearby attractions include:

Interesting cemeteries in the Victorian Goldfields

Steiglitz Cemetery, Steiglitz VIC

Along with the 19th century gold rush came the inevitable establishment of many cemeteries throughout the Victorian Goldfields. A wander through a historic cemetery within the goldfields can be quite captivating and educational. Some cemeteries are still in use today, others have been long abandoned. 



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