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Village Green

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Corner of Inglewood-Rheola Road and Kingower-Kurting Road, Kingower VIC 3517

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  • Rotunda
  • Free electric barbecue
  • Picnic table
  • Bench seating
  • Information sign
  • Gold discovery commemorative plaque
Kingower's Village Green is a quaint little park along the Inglewood-Rheola Road, across from the historical Bridge Hotel (now a private residence) and very close to the discovery sites of the world-famous Hand of Faith and Blanche Barkly gold nuggets. 

Featuring a rotunda, an electric barbecue and a picnic table, Village Green is a great place to stop by for lunch while exploring the natural and historical features of the Kingower State Forest. 

The rotunda displays a commemorative plaque marking the 150th anniversary of gold discovery in Victoria, which shows the following text:

Gold 150 Kingower

Unveiled on 17. 10. 2001

To mark the 150th anniversary of gold discovery in Victoria.


The Kingower Goldfield was opened in 1853. Immediately, such large nuggets were found in the dirt that Kingower beame known as the Potato Diggings, attracting 5000 diggers. The largest nugget found was the Blanche Barkly which weighed 1743 ounces of almost pure gold. It was unearthed on 27th August 1857, and is the third largest nugget ever discovered in the world. 

Things to see nearby

From Village Green, you can head into the state forest and check out the Hand of Faith discovery site before continuing up to Bald Hills to enjoy panoramic views and spot the resident Wedge-tailed Eagles who live and hunt in the bush below. 

There are three picnic / camping areas throughout the Kingower State Forest as well, at Ironbark Dam, Orchid Dam and Butchers Camp Site

You can also head up around the corner on the Kingower-Brenanah Road and check out the historic Cobb and Co Well which sits alongside the track. 

Another great spot to check out is the stunning Melville Caves, which are just a short drive from here within the nearby Kooyoora State Park. 

A brief history of Kingower

The information sign at Village Green displays a map of Kingower (accompanied by photographs) along with the following text:

A Brief History

Kingower Township had its origins in the gold rush of the 1850s with the arrival of many people coming to seek their fortune. A large quantity of alluvial gold as found, mostly in the form of near pure gold nuggets. 

The largest nugget, the Blanche Barkly, was found in 1857. Named after the Governor's daughter, it weighed 1743 Troy ounces (54.2 kg) and was said to have been found behind the Catto and Forbes store at a depth of 17 feet (5.2m).

When the 'rush' ended, most of the population moved on. The remaining people were mainly involved in farming, timber cutting or eucalyptus oil distillation. Over the years fewer and fewer people were involved in those activities and the population numbers continued to dwindle. 

In the early 1970s, grape vines were planted and the first of several wineries were established. The wineries  have helped to revitalize the town, providing local employment and bringing wine lovers from near and far to taste and buy the quality local product. 

Today we have a vibrant community, continually working to enhance the amenity of our town. With our small population we have maintained our local Cricket Club, and it has remained strong and vibrant over its rich history.

This park, the 'Village Green' is a community initiative built with volunteer labour. 

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Inglewood Motel and Caravan Park

Inglewood Motel and Caravan Park is a 10 acre bush park privately owned and managed by Jerry and Pauline Wellman in the gorgeous gold-rush town of Inglewood, Victoria. The park is within walking distance to cafes, shops and hotel entertainment, and is surrounded by State Forests. Inglewood Motel and Caravan Park is a popular destination for tourists and is located within the renowned Golden Triangle - a region of the Victorian Goldfields which is world famous for the size, purity, and quantity of gold nuggets found in the area. 



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