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McIntyre Burial Ground

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Obriens Drive, McIntyre VIC 3472

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  • Burial ground
  • Old post and rail fence
  • Information sign
McIntyre's old Burial Ground is located along O'Briens Road, surrounded by the remains of an old post and rail wooden fence. 

This unofficial burial ground was never gazetted and probably dates from the 1850s. There are no headstones.

The burial ground is marked on this 1862 survey map of McIntyre: 

Part of 1862 map of McIntyre showing the burial ground and location of graves. Source: State Library Victoria

An information sign stands beside the road and provides the following text: 

McIntyre Burial Ground

Included in the 1862 "Village of McIntyre" survey plan was an old burial ground with five grave sites being identified.

The site has not been gazetted as a cemetery and probably dates from the mid 1850's as an unofficial burial ground. The burial ground comprising of .2023 hectares (1/2 an acre) is on reserve crown land.

Six known burials between 1861 and 1886 are associated with the Heraud, Queripel and O'Brien Families. Descendants from these families still reside in the McIntyre area today. The burial site is considered to have historical and archaeological values at a local level as an early ungazetted burial site.

The burial ground contributes to the historical record of the McIntyre community and illustrates the use of unofficial burial grounds prior to the wide spread introduction of formal gazetted cemeteries from the late 1860's.

In 1885 the then Korong Shire Council erected a wooden post and rail fence around the burial ground. Evidence of this fence still remains. 

There is some information about the known burials in the McIntyre Burial Ground over on the Australian Cemeteries website, which states that there are at least ten burials, mainly the young children of farmers, miners and diggers.

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  • Many cemeteries in the goldfields were established in the early-mid 19th century. Walking through the historic cemeteries of the area is like taking a walk through time.


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