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Spectacular landscapes in the Victorian Goldfields

Posted 08/12/2020 in Places

There are some seriously unique landscapes tucked away in the Victorian Goldfields, ranging from wild rocky slopes to surreal colourful cliffs. We've gathered some of the best in the region, where the spectacular scenery is sure to inspire your next adventure!

Pink Cliffs Geological Reserve, Heathcote VIC

Striking pink landscape at Pink Cliffs Geological Reserve, Heathcote VIC

Once a hydraulic sluicing site, mining activity here in the late 19th century washed away the top layer of earth and revealed the dramatic, colourful cliffs on display today. 

A 30 minute circuit walk takes you on a scenic tour, showcasing the stunning geological features of the Pink Cliffs Geological Reserve as well as providing information signs and lookout points along the way. Click to learn more...

Red Knob Mining Landscape, Vaughan VIC

Dramatic scenery at Red Knob Mining Landscape, Vaughan VIC

When driving through the gorgeous little town of Vaughan, you'll be sure to notice the stunning red landscape in the valley beside the road. 

Known as Red Knob, these dramatic cliffs are the result of hydraulic sluicing operations in the mid 20th century. Click to learn more...

Mount Bealiba, Bealiba VIC

Explore the rugged slopes of Mount Bealiba, Bealiba VIC

Explore the wild and untamed atmosphere of Mount Bealiba, a scenic lookout which offers stunning views over the surrounding mountains, forests and fields. 

The summit is adorned with impressive boulders, fallen logs and gnarled trees, giving the area its rugged charm. Click to learn more...

The Cascades, Metcalfe VIC

Swirling rockpools at The Cascades, Metcalfe VIC

This extraordinary hidden gem is tucked away in the quiet town of Metcalfe, Victoria. 

A series of cascades sweep over layers of bedrock as the water whirls down through rockpools, crevices and little caverns. 

Relax in a rockpool, take a dip in one of the larger swimming holes, or make your way across the stunning bedrock and boulders to wander along and appreciate the scenic beauty of the Coliban River. Click to learn more...

Black Hill Reserve, Ballarat VIC

Striking cliffs stand in contrast against the surrounding pine forest at Black Hill Reserve, Ballarat VIC

The Black Hill Reserve in Ballarat is an impressive patch of parkland just minutes from the CBD which offers amazing views over Ballarat, remnants of open cut and shaft mining, incredible scenery, beautiful (but steep) walking tracks, picnic tables, and an excellent Mountain Bike Park

Wooden steps descend down through pine trees into the beautiful open cut gorge, a remnant of the site's mining days. 

All along the walking tracks you will find gorgeous scenery and some parts open up to offer fantastic views. Click to learn more...

Blue Waters, Creswick VIC

Cliff-side views over Blue Waters, Creswick VIC

Blue Waters is a stunningly beautiful waterhole located within the Creswick Regional Park. 

Once an open cut mine, Blue Waters is now a gorgeous scenic area fantastic for bushwalking, gold prospecting, four wheel driving and photography. 

Surrounded by striking red cliffs, the water is incredibly clear and shines an iridescent blue when the sun hits it. Click to learn more...

Quartz Mountain Geological Reserve, Lillicur VIC

Incredible quartz outcrop at Quartz Mountain Geological Reserve, Lillicur VIC

Quartz Mountain Geological Reserve features the largest outcrop of pure quartz rock remaining in Victoria. The reef forms a north-south ridge approximately 0.8 km long. Huge masses of quartz stand over six metres high and in one spot a massive forty tonne boulder balances perilously atop the reef! Mining efforts were made here in the 19th century and had very limited success - the site was abandoned in favour of more profitable areas, leaving this spectacular reef intact for us to see today. Click to learn more...

Sisters Rocks, Stawell VIC

Uniquely painted landscape at Sisters Rocks, Stawell VIC

Sisters Rocks are a huge cluster of enormous granite boulders heaped in the bush alongside the Western Highway, a few kilometres from Victorian gold mining town, Stawell. 

The rocks are spectacular and have been a popular tourist and picnic destination since settlement in the area during the 19th century. Graffiti artists have decorate the rocks as high as they can reach with interesting pictures, slogans and names. 

Opinions are divided over this graffiti - some say that the paint has ruined the natural beauty of the rocks, while others insist that the art serves as a unique guestbook and only enhances the attraction of this popular spot. Some of the graffiti dates back to the 19th century and can certainly be seen as a historical record of sorts, as well as an ongoing tradition. 

This ever-evolving artwork is unique to Sisters Rocks, none of the other spectacular rocky outcrops throughout the Victorian Goldfields have been given this colourful treatment. Click to learn more...





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